About Me (My Bio)

Geoff Currey

I love writing songs and making my own music and dabbled in guitar and other instruments while maintaining my passion for the keys as my instrument of choice. Keyboards have always given me the freedom to create and perform the upbeat style of pop music I enjoy playing and composing.

I was born in Sydney Australia in 1974 and have lived in Sydney for most of my life. I spent the year of 1986 in Melbourne which was an eye opener for me as a musician having a taste of live performance as a member of the Victorian Boys Choir and having opportunities to perform music.

I took piano lessons while growing up during my high school years and gained a basic understanding of how music is formed. I have always felt more comfortable teaching myself and learning to play my instrument by ear and observation of other performers than learning to play from structured printed music in an academic style tuition. I find the process of discovering and learning new things in my own way rewarding and motivating.

I have been enthusiastic about music from a young age and have enjoyed the creative side of music and sound for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the 80's I was introduced to computers while the microchip age was maturing and personal computers had begun entering the consumer market. During the 90's MIDI keyboards had hit the mainstream consumer market and I was able to start making music using a computer.

I took an interest in recording and producing after high school and completed an audio engineering course which introduced me to recording and mixing music in a studio environment. This gave me the foundations I needed to begin experimenting with recording guitars and vocals at home.

While playing and writing music has been an ongoing passion I have spent most of my adult life supporting local and international musicians. I have built and managed many online resources in support of independent musicians and local Australian talent including online discussion groups and music resource websites. April 2002 saw the launch of my longest running music project to date called Australian Music Info (www.australianmusic.info) which has stood the test of time and continues to provide news and information about local music.

My involvement with other musicians has given me an insight into the ups and downs of life as an artist and although I know the road is long and challenges are great I decided to begin releasing my own music in October 2016 starting with my debut single "The Meaning of Life" which was made available on iTunes and Google Play. I hope as a Singer-songwriter I can influence people in a positive way.